Jindal Aluminium Limited – Aluminium a key material for designing beautiful airports

Jindal Aluminium Limited – Aluminium a key material for designing beautiful airports

Aluminium a key material for designing beautiful airports

In the construction world, erecting modern structures means more than just ensuring they are as functional as possible. Today, adding to infrastructure project’s functionality are project economics, aesthetic factors, design considerations, and environmental goals. Materials used in construction are thus of major significance. In the modern age, it has a role in fulfilling project’s aspirational features. Especially so if the building is an airport that offers design creativity opportunities and requires a quality guarantee given that it is a witness to several million footfalls every year.

In recent years, the role of Aluminium in designing airports in India has been significant, with all modern airports, including Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai, or Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru, finding a use for it.

Initial uses of Aluminium date to the crude version of airplanes after the invention of alloys that provided it with the requisite strength. Its use in the construction and architecture sector materialized gradually and now finds use in producing roofs, frames for windows and doors, facades, air conditioning systems, staircases, and many airport’s structures.

Limiting Maintenance Costs

World-over, first impressions of a city are usually created at airport terminals when a passenger arrives by flight. Distinctive airport architecture is what appeals to the eye, and this calls for airport architecture that is visionary in design and style.

Making this type of architecture happen is coated Aluminium, which forms part of a widely-used material in roof and facade cladding of airport terminals. These terminal buildings require a large expanse of space constructed within an airport to form a public concourse area. It helps alleviate a passenger’s sense of being crowded, accommodating the flow of arrival, departing, and connecting passengers. The material used in its construction makes for a thoughtfully designed skin to a new building, work to perfection.

Besides the routine cleaning exercise to maintain structural aesthetics, the Aluminium used in construction requires less maintenance. It translates into a significant cost advantage over time. Aluminium offers a non-corrosion material composition. Thus, it needs no specific securing or value maintaining measures to be adopted.

Airport operators across countries prefer Aluminium as its flexibility in fabrication offers elegance. Coming in handy during airport construction is Aluminium’s load-deflection curve. It is continuous, without a yield point. Aluminium provides a relatively high linear expansion coefficient and is also far less susceptible to turning brittle or leading to fractures.

Leading Sustainability

Modern buildings have shown the way to carry sustainability at its core. Leading the way through this are airport terminal buildings that have adopted renewable energy use, recycle water, make the best use of natural lighting and innovative ventilation. Making this happen in the airport sector is Aluminium. As a green material, Aluminium offers sustainability and the scope of being a circular metal. Airport operators prefer to use materials that also highlight the health and safety aspects of their projects.

Aluminium as a selection for the construction of an airport terminal makes for the suitable alloy. It offers low density, high thermal conductivity and has good forming and joining characteristics. For instance, there is a need to balance strength and ease of forming and finishing at an airport. The answer in providing this balance lies in Aluminium that has good extrudability is the corrosion resistance, and offers a superior surface finish finding wide use in a building’s fenestration.

Aluminium in architecture and construction is all about executing creative ideas and applying technology to offer bold, fascinating solutions and surprise the user’s experience every time. For instance, advancements in available material and construction methods have resulted in the production and use of Aluminium frames that offer high insulation. Besides being 100% recyclable and easily repairable, Aluminium products within an airport make the structure technically smart and aesthetically beautiful.

Author – Naveen Mehta; President – Operations, Jindal Aluminium Limited

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