Aluminium panels and their versatility in uses for domestic and industrial purposes

Aluminium is a silvery-white soft metal found in the earth’s crust. Hans Christian Orsted is credited with the discovery of Aluminum, the 13th element in the periodic table and one of the lightest metals found abundantly in combined form in nature.

Aluminium is combined with other metals to form an alloy. Aluminium is three times lighter than iron and as durable as steel. The surface of Aluminium is covered by an oxide film which is extremely thin and strong thus making Aluminum corrosion free. Slight variations in the combination of different metals with Aluminium while forming alloys give large variations in its usage and applications. Aluminium is made available in different shapes like sheets, foils, bars, pipes and panels.


What is an Aluminium Panel?

Aluminium Panels or Aluminum Composite Panels are flat panels in which a non-Aluminium core bonds two thin Aluminum sheets.


What are the uses of Aluminum Panels?

Aluminum Panels are light in weight but very sturdy. Their flexibility, easy processing combined with light weight makes them an excellent choice for external as well as internal architectural cladding. They are also used in partitions, roofing sheetsAluminium false ceiling and paneling, container construction, machine coverings and insulation. They are widely used for signage like in billboards, banners and electronic digital displays.


How are Aluminum Panels used in false ceilings?

Many interior decorations make use of Aluminium false ceiling and paneling. In suspended ceilings, a grid work of Aluminum Panels is channeled in shapes so as to form a pattern of evenly spaced cells. The cells are then filled with any flat material. The Aluminium panel has the advantage that it is resistant to humidity and corrosion free.

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