With 11 aluminium extrusion presses, JAL has India’s largest installed capacity of 1,25,000 MT per annum. It has a most modern tool shop capable of producing high quality and intricate dies backed up by an international quality billet casting facility. JAL has led the industry in installing several technological and modern equipments in order to obtain high quality aluminium profiles.
With a production of above 80,409 MT in the FY 2020-21, we are growing progressively and aiming to achieve 1,00,000 MT in the FY 2021-22
With an installed production capacity of 1,25,000 MT per annum, Jindal Aluminium Limited is the largest aluminium extrusion manufacturer in the country. Not only do we have 11 cutting-edge aluminium extrusion presses ranging from 750 UST to 4000 UST capacity, but also we have established a billet casting facility (Hot Top casting) imported from USA and a modern tool shop equipped with the latest CNC, EDM wire cut and other ancilliary equipments.
Manufacturing a wide range of aluminium alloys that includes – AA 1XXX, 2XXX, 3XXX, 5XXX, 6XXX, 7XXX and 8XXX, we are the first choice of customers of various manufacturing segments like Architectural, Aviation, Defence, Electrical, Electronics, Facade, Solar etc.

By adopting the latest technologies in our foundry, our aluminium profiles uncompromisingly have superior surface finish, and good chemical and mechanical properties that meet international standards. Similarly, our in-house tool shop assures us superior quality dies which are being used to produce intricate customised designs.

We have a dedicated quality system for checking the quality of the product. Starting from the testing of inward raw material to the final inspection before dispatch of our extrusions, our QA team assures that our products exceed the customers expectation in all parameters.

Our operations are managed by qualified and experienced engineers in consultation with German and American technical experts. With more than 8000 different shapes of profiles, we have the capacity to produce as wide as 425 mm profiles, depending upon shape, size & CCD.

Quality Accreditations

The inherent qualities of aluminium extrusions are its aesthetic appeal, flexibility in design, low weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and surface coating qualities. Due to such characteristics, aluminium extrusions are a preferred choice for various applications.
International Marketing
Domestic Marketing
International Marketing

Jindal Aluminium Limited is focussed on expanding our presence globally and to achieve this, it is continuously upgrading to the latest technology to meet the ever changing demands of its global associates.

Presently exporting to 42 countries, we have a dedicated international marketing team that ensures customer satisfaction, right from the enquiry stage till execution of the order. We are committed to producing high quality aluminium extrusions which meet all international standards and we work towards giving complete solution to our customers by supplying aluminium extrusions with value added services such as anodising, powder coating, fabrication etc.


Domestic Marketing

Jindal Aluminium Limited manufactures quality aluminium extrusions to meet the specific requirements of various segments of customers like industrial users, builders & fabricators, automobiles, furniture etc. We offer a choice between mill finish, anodised, powder coated or wood finished, which customer can procure as per their requirements. We have a huge library of approx 15000 ready dies to meet most of the requirements of our diverse customers. In the case of any new profile, our team specifically asks for the end application and technically advises so that the most suitable die is designed. We are continually looking for ways to improve and simplify the designs. This is why we involve our customers right from the beginning, to understand the functional requirement of the profiles that they need and then make dies which deliver the profiles of almost any design in all kinds of alloys. From the drawings to the final extrusion, we create the best products always with the involvement of our customers.



Jindal Aluminium Limited ensures that our quality products are available across the country. To facilitate the same, we have an extensive dealer network which ensures that our products are easily available to end users. Our exclusive dealers can be contacted as per below details –


General Shape
Building & Construction
General Misc.
General Shape

Flat Bars

Square bar, Hexagonal Bars & Round

Miscellaneous Bars

Round Tube

Irrigation Tubes

Rectangular Tubes

Square Tubes

Fluted Round Tubes, Oval

Miscellaneous Tubes

Angles - Equal & Unequal


Tees (Round, Bulb & Misc)

Building & Construction

Tower Bolt & Hinges & Aldrop

Latch, Special Hinges, Aldrop, HASP & Staple

Handle Sections

Step Edgings

Hand Rails & Wall Facings

Syntex Section & Grill Frames

Kitchen Cabinet

Expandable Grill

Foot Step


Display Sections

Modular Furniture Sections

Venetian Blinds


Door – Cum – Partition Sections

Fly Screen


Casement Window Sections

Sliding Window Sections

Sliding Window Sections (Deluxe)

Window Sections

Curtain Wall Sections

North Light Glazing Bars & S & Shoes

Architectural Miscellaneous

Structural Miscellaneous


Half Rounds, Belt Moldings

Decorative & Show Beadings

Rail Coach

Bus Window Guide Frames

Double Glass Channels

Transport Miscellaneous


Air Grill Profiles

Refrigeration Sections


Textile Machinery

Suitcase Sections

Pump Body & Actuator Body

Pump & Motor Body

Solar Power Sections



Heat Sink

Tubelight Sections

Automobile Sections

Chute Sections

Conveyor Sections

Elevator Sections

Industrial Miscellaneous

General Misc.

General Miscellaneous

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