Innovation In The Solar Energy Industry Because Of Aluminum Extrusion!

The world around us is going green today and there is an imminent need for green and clean energy. Along with the components that permit for stability and precision positioning to improve productivity, Aluminium extrusion in solar panels helps to generate green power and it is extensively used. Solar energy is perhaps the most popular among renewable energy sources and is harnessed using solar cells, also known as Photovoltaic Cells, in solar panels. These solar cells of distinct sizes are used to convert solar energy into electrical energy that can be used for commercial and residential purposes.

The Advantages of Aluminium Extrusion for Solar Panels

Aluminium possesses greater strength as compared to any other metal. It can keep up with the stability required to resist the solar panel array from any sort of shifting that can cause stress. The support and frames that are produced from Aluminium extrusion tend to be lighter than various other metals, so the entire process of transportation and assembling of all the parts especially in remote locations is very easy as compared to other metals. Also, Aluminium being lightweight is favorable for solar installations on a building’s rooftop considering the restrictions to the additional weight that can be added to the building. Therefore, Aluminium for solar panels is the best choice and their substructures. Further, Aluminum possesses the greatest advantage of corrosion resistance and weather resistance that is a very important quality determining factor for solar panels. Being malleable, Aluminium allows for a great deal of flexibility and thus with its advantages, is the metal of choice for solar panels.

Jindal Aluminium is the leader in Aluminum extrusion and our products are sought after for their quality and innovative designs. We are sticklers of green energy and strongly believe in eco-friendly processes and methods. Explore our website for more details about our products and our quality policy.

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